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Fiber Optic Training Courses

BDI DataLynk provides low cost, Advanced, and
Basic fiber optics network technician training.  
These courses are for anyone interested in fiber
optics training.
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Our basic CFOT training
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We are a Standards-Based
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Our courses are sanctioned
by a Fiber Optic Association
(FOA) -
NOT an Electronics
Association (ETA).
Because we believe in KSA's -
Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities,
we are sanctioned by the Fiber Optic Association (FOA),
the largest Professional Society of Fiber Optics in the
world -
NOT electronics (ETA) certified
but (FOA) certified fiber optics
Our curriculum is designed by professional fiber optics technicians with
years of experience where other's curriculum may not be.
Know your instructor.  Know your training company.  
Know the product you are about to purchase.
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Your Options:
1.) Contact any one of our Campus Partners
for a referral.
2.) Contact the Fiber Optic Association for a
3.) Contact any of our thousands of students
for a referral.
4.) Read our Course Descriptions.
5.) Read about our company on the Internet.
6.) Pay for the transfer of knowledge like
everyone else does.
7.) Contact the owner, Bob Ballard, and
discuss the specific items covered in each
8.) Have Bob develop a course tailored to
meet your needs

Owner Comments:

If you want to know what we teach, how we teach it, and
what results we expect, call us. We will be happy to tell
you.  Audit our courses?  No - please do not ask. --- Bob
Fiber Optics Training Products
Hands On Activities
Hands On Activites
Hands On Activites
Hands On Activities
If you are primarily interested in obtaining basic fiber optic
networking knowledge then the CFOT course will suffice.

Suggestion # 2
If your mission is primarily inside plant installations, with testing and
maintenance with some fusion splicing, we recommend the CFOT,
CFOS/T, and the CFOS/S courses.

Suggestion # 3
If your mission is primarily outside plant installations, we recommend
the CFOT and the CFOS/O courses.

Suggestion # 4
If you plan to do all aspects of fiber optics networking for both inside
and outsideapplications, we recommend all of the courses.  Because
it is difficult to attend all courses at once, you should consider the
CFOT followed by the CFOS/T and attend the others at a later date
if possible.
Note: Seldom do we offer all four courses together
unless by special request.  But, if we do, you should take
advantage of this opportunity receive all 4 certifications.

Does the 3-day* CFOT teach me everything I need to
No.  The CFOT course is a basic introductory course with a brief
overview of fiber optics networking including fusion splicing,
installation, testing and troubleshooting.   Hands -on activities
requires the student to install, terminate, test, and troubleshoot a MM

What are the costs for the courses (most locations)?
CFOT (3-day*) - $700.00/student - Basic Course
CFOS/T (2-day*) - $675.00/student - Testing Specialist Course
CFOS/S (2-day*) - $675.00/student - Splicing Specialist Course
CFOS/O (2-day*) - $775.00/student - OSP Specialist Course
CFOS/H (2-day) - $775.00/student - FTTH Specialist Course

If I want to have an on site, private session what are the
minimum number of  students?
Depending on where you are located, the minimum is 6 students with
a two course minimum.  We usually do not charge for travel.  But,
check with our office for specifics. Call us at 512-785-9024 or email
us at

Where are your courses located?
Simply click on the state of your choice above.  If your state or city is
not listed, these locations are not on the schedule.  Even if your
state is listed, we may not have courses scheduled.  Again, if you
would like to have a private session, we would be happy to talk with
Call us at 512-785-9024.
  • BDI DataLynk is the largest Campus-Partner provider of Fiber Optic
    Training in the world.  There is no better training available -
  • Course tuition includes industry recognized written/hands-on
    exams and, upon successful course completion, formal certification
    from the Fiber Optic Association, plus 1-year membership.
Prerequisites For Our FOA Specialist Courses

After January 1, 2015, the student MUST have successfully passed the
basic CFOT course within the preceding 12 months or have renewed their
FOA membership within that time frame prior to attending the CFOS/T,
CFOS/S, the CFOS/O and/or the CFOS/H FOA Specialist courses offered by
BDI Datalynk.  
We highly recommend that the student attend all courses
offered during the session starting with the basic CFOT Course.
 To help
you decide which "Specialist" course is right for you, see the Gray "Steps
to Success" block to the left or contact our office.

For more information contact BDI DataLynk at 512-785-9024.
Bob Ballard
I get these types of questions via email, phone, and directly from students in the
classroom all of the time.  Here are some examples: Will I be able to install a fiber
optics network once I complete your classes?  If I only attend the basic, 3-day
CFOT course, will that provide enough knowledge for me to go out and get a job?  
Why do some companies offer a basic, FOA CFOT course and it takes two weeks
when the BDI course is only 3 days?  Will I get to build an actual fiber optics
network during the BDI class, or are your courses just "table top" training with all
types of fiber optics equipment set up for demonstration purposes?
For almost 15 years BDI Datalynk has been offering FOA approved courses all across the US.  We
believe that for a student to be properly certified as a Fiber Optics Technician he/she must know how
to properly install, test, troubleshoot, and repair fiber optics networks to existing standards.  When
you come to our classroom, you can expect very little "seat/table" time and lots of time standing up
along side actual patch panels, similar or equal to those used in the field.  
Read more. . .
Will I get to build an actual fiber optics network in your classes?
FOT OTDR Tool Kits Are Now
These OTDR Tool Kits have many
options to met most all OTDR Trace
configuration requiremnts. From SM to
options not found with most kits.
Go take a look!
Click the "ORDR Tool Box" below to access the OTDR Tool Kit Index.  
Build it right. Test it right!
1.) Do I get to build an actual fiber optics network in
each of my classes?

2.) Do I get to troubleshoot and repair the network?

3.) Do I get to test the repaired network to existing
cabling standards?  

4.) Do I have to sit at a table all day and take notes?

5.) Will I receive a certification that is recognized almost
everywhere in the world?
"Are you looking at another fiber optics training
company?  Be sure to talk directly to the instructor
and ask these questions ---"
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Thinking about taking an ON-LINE/HOME STUDY course
from some other provider?
Forget about it!  It is twice as expensive.  If you are a veteran, would you want
someone watching your "6" that just learned how to shoot his weapon from an on-line
weapons training course?  Would you be happy to hear that the Doctor that is working to
save your life just received his certificate from an on line physician's course?

Learning how to install, test, troubleshoot, and repair fiber is
doing process and NOT a watching process!
Tester Man Multimode Tool Kit
Fiber Optics Inspection Scopes
This 2-day, Fiber To The Home Specialist
course is a comprehensive program to
introduce the fiber optics technician to Fiber
to the Home architectures being utilized,
advantages and disadvantages of each and
types of components necessary to complete
a FTTH fiber segment. Upon completion of
this course, the student will be familiar with
why FTTH is being implemented today,
including technical, marketing, and financial
justifications, as well as installation and
testing techniques.  
Tester Man Multimode Tool Kit
Fiber Optics Inspection Scopes
University of Central Florida
and BDI Datalynk are proud to announce the newest industry
recognized course offering for 2017. The
CFOS/H, Fiber to the Home
Specialist Course will be taught by retired renowned Verizon
Instructor and FOA Master Instructor,
Tom Rauch!
Power of Light
- - - - - STEPS TO SUCCESS - - - - -
What do I do next?
The CFOT course is now a prerequisite for all other
courses  One must have successfully
completed this course before attending any of the
"Specialists" Courses.
For more information contact our office.
If you would
like to have an
session, go
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Linesman Training and Certifiation
Michael Rauch
BDI Datalynk, LLC Welcomes New FOA Certified Instructor
Michael graduated from Rowan University in 2009 with a dual major in Business Management and
Human Resource Management.
 He was certified as a fiber optic technician in October of 2013 and
began working for Dynamic Telenet Infrastructure shortly after. This included the installation and
maintenance of fiber networks throughout the metropolitan New York area. Among the customers
Michael serviced were the NYC Housing Authority, Newark Airport and NJ Transit.

In 2014, he began working for J.T. Oronzio General Contracting installing and maintaining fiber
networks throughout the east coast. Including customers such as Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, Crown
Castle and many more. Responsibilities included fiber installation, splicing, connector termination,
OTDR and insertion loss testing.  Michael is an FOA Certified Fiber Opics Instructor for CFOT,
CFOS/T, CFOS/S, and CFOS/O BDI Datalynk/FOA courses.
 Read more about Michael ...