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UCC is a privately owned company based in Huntsville, Alabama. Founded in 1979, UCC has provided
control system solutions for over 30 years. Our customers include the industries of water and
wastewater treatment, gas distribution, electrical power, and HVAC.

UCC's primary focus is systems integration. We provide complete control systems along with
integration services to ensure overall system performance and customer satisfaction.

A major asset is our Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) HMI product, scadaVision™.
ScadaVision™ provides our customers with visibility of their entire control process and enables easy
interaction with the process through a centralized interface.
5021 Bradford Dr. Suite 155
Huntsville, Alabama 3805
Ph: (o) 256-971-6144, (c) 256-508-3973
Certifications Held:
  • CFOT # 2087272 (FOA Certified Installer)
  • Contractor (Engineering) License # 247084
Fiber Optics Experience(s):
1.) We are a Systems Integration Company.  We engineer, design and install Control Systems for Water/Wastewater, Gas and Utility type

2.) Significant experience in upgrading Systems with Fiber Optics cabling for Control Networks, Telemetry and Security applications.
Fiber Optics Goals:
UCC will remain current with the latest and greatest Media Converters, Testing and Installation equipment to make our customers lives easier.
Water Treatmet
UCC provides systems for small to large water utilities in the southeast:
Madison County Water (Alabama)
Waterworks Board of Section Dutton
Wedowee Water Department
Randolph County Water Authority (Alabama)
Cheatham County (Tennessee)
City of Pulaski Water
West Warren County (Tennessee)
Huntsville Utilities

Wastewater Treatment
Waterworks Board of Section Dutton
City of Cullman
Jefferson County Environmental Services (Alabama).

Gas Distribution
UCC's product scadaVision™ is used by Alabama Gas Company to monitor their operations throughout the state.
Oak Ridge Utility District (Tennessee)
Springfield Gas (Tennessee)
Texas Gas (Austin Texas)
FOA Certified Installer