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Scotty Robinson
2215 Bowling Green St.
Denton, TX. 76201
Ph# 1(903) 235-9903

Certifications Held:
CFOT (Certified Fiber Optic Technician) by the
Fiber Optics Association (FOA)

Fiber Optics Experience(s): 6 years of hands
on experience working with and terminating most
types of fiber and connectors. Most of my
experience is installation of Inside Plant networks
using anaerobic terminations and fusion splicing.

Fiber Optics Goals: I would like to become a
Professional Fiber Optics Installation Technician
and/or Fiber Optics Network Designer during my
tenure in the very challenging fiber optics
networking industry.

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271 Kitty Hawk Rd. #42
Universal City, Texas 78148

Certifications Held:
FOA Certified Fiber Optics Technician (CFOT), FOA Certified Fiber
Optics Specialist - Splicing (CFOS-S)

Fiber Optics Experience:
3 years of experience, building MDF and IDF's, building and installing
equipment racks and mounting equipment, installed ladder rack, fiber
innerduct, and single and multimode fiber optic cable.

Terminated Fiber Optic Cable (FOC) using SC, ST and LC connectors
using Anaerobic Fiber Optic Hand Polishing method and LC Uni-cam

Spliced Single-mode and Multi-mode FOC using a fusion splicer and
Ultra-Splice mechanical splices.  

Tested fibers using power source and light meter and trouble shot using
a VFL and OTDR.

Fiber Optics Goals:
Have passport will travel.
Name: Joshua Byrd
Mailing Address:    
174-7 Tank Destroyer Blvd
Fort Hood, TX. 76544

Phone Number:  910-584-6975

Fiber Optic Association (FOA)
Certifications Held:
CFOT,  Certified Fiber Optic Technician and
CFOS/T,  Certified Fiber Optic Specialist in
Testing & Maintenance

Fiber Optics Experience:  
Currently upgrading base in Afghanistan from
copper to Fiber.  Also very knowledgeable on the
installation of Copper.

Once out of the military, would like to install fiber
full time.
Mark Pelts
Austin, TX

FOA Certifications:
Certified Fiber Optics Technician (CFOT)
Certified Fiber Optics Specialist – Testing (CFOS/T)
Certified Fiber Optics Specialist – Splicing (CFOS/S)

I am a 20 year veteran of the telecommunications and networking industry, starting as a Tech Controller in the U.S. Air Force.  I am
looking for a change of pace from the politics and hectic insanity of the IT world.  

My military experience exposed me to Base level MDFs and IDFs, circuit testing, troubleshooting, and transmission methods and
protocols.  My experience in the commercial sector ranged from the design and implementation stages of national and
international networks for the FAA and the financial services industry, to information security assessments for Federal
government agencies such as the EPA, Peace Corps, DOJ, FBI, FEMA, GAO, U.S. Marshals Service, and the National Archives.

I possess a Secret level security clearance, which is inactive but valid and available for reactivation.

I am open to travel and temporary assignments, but not permanent relocation.
Eric Lopez

Address: 7414 Pheasant Grove Dr. Cypress,Texas. 77433
Cell Phone:(832)352-8013

Certifications: BISCI, Secor

Fiber Optics Experience's: 15+ yrs, term blown, term ST,SC,LC,
MTRJ,F C connectors. Proficient in mechanical splicing and fusion
splicing techniques.

Fiber Optics Goal: To obtain a position where I will be stable and learn
the new and upcoming Fiber Optics designs and applications.
North Carolina
South Carolina